TailGator Beverage Holder Glove

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Beer Holding Glove

99% of all first time TailGator™ Glove buyers say they would recommend it to a friend or family member. The other 1% must not have any family or friends. The TailGator™ tailgating glove is made with all the attention to detail you would expect from a Becker Glove product; Soft Microfleece Shell, Thinsulate™Insulation, waterproof lining and soft rubber-tech grip. What does all that mean? We have no idea. But, our insulated gloves keep your hands warm, and your beverage cold. And unlike our competitors, we actually sell you a pair of gloves instead of one. Pure genius.

Beer Glove

Beverage Holder Glove Features

What Does It Do?

Holds your bottles, can, and cups, while your hands stay nice and toasty.

1. Insulated

Insulated beverage holder for temperature regulation. Cold stays cold, hot stays hot.

2. Waterproof

Thinsulate™ insulation and waterproof lining for interior warmth and dryness.

3. Flexible

Elastic stretch beverage holder that accommodates all cans, bottles, and cups.

4. Usable

Soft rubbertech palm and fingertips for grip. Glove functions normally when beverage holder is not in use.

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