TailGator Beverage Holder Glove

The Ultimate Cold Weather Party Glove

Introducing the TailGator™ Beverage Glove
Fully functioning winter gloves, with a twist.

Only $24.99/Pair with Free Shipping! (MSRP $34.99)

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TailGator™ Beverage Holding Glove
Beer Holding Glove holding can

Stay Out Longer

Inspired by the constant desire to party. Driven by the need for fun, simplicity, and relentless beverage-handling.

How It Works

Why It's Awesome

Warm hands, Cold drink. AKA the ultimate beverage glove. Click here if you really need more of an explanation than that.

TailGator™ Features

Pick A Color

Not everyone wears the same jersey, party shirt, or team colors. Choose the right TailGator™ color for your next event.

Pick Your Party Colors

Why did we build the TailGator glove? Some would say we were inspired by our constant desire to party, no matter the weather. Our mission became to provide innovation and inspiration for the relentless beverage-holder. Cans, bottles, solo cups, it didn't matter. We now pass this philosophy on to you. Party on people. Party on. View color options »

TailGator™ Featured On The Today Show

The TailGator™ Glove was featured on The Today Show's "Must-have Tailgating Gifts" on December 12th, 2014. During this broadcast you can see just how easy TailGator™ Glove is to use. Simply disconnect the velcro strip, and rotate around to secure and enjoy your beverage. It couldn't be easier! So easy, a caveman could do... wait that one is already taken. You get the idea.

View on The Today Show >>

  • Glove Reviewer 1

    Easily hands down the coolest glove I have ever seen.

    "From the first second I put it on, I knew these guys had come up with something special"

    Outdoorsman, Scott White

    Glove Reviewer 2

    Wouldn't party outside without it.

    "Great glove. Functional, warm, and different. Have used at a few outdoor parties. Wouldn't go without it."

    Party Girl, Janet Kobel

  • Glove Reviewer 3

    A true tailgators dream.

    "It's just a damn cool product. The guys had to get one after I did. Works as intended."

    Tailgater Extraordinaire, Zach Simpson

    Glove Reviewer 4

    Makes a great gift.

    "Got one for each member of my family this past Christmas. Everyone was very impressed."

    Cool Dad, Mark Soffran